Pixlatch is a Perl script that generates a static photo gallery out of a directory full of oversized pictures (as produced by any modern digital camera).


  • Thumbnail and scaled image generation via PerlMagick.
  • Index generation
  • Consistent scale viewing


I wrote Pixlatch while waiting for a flight at Denver International Airport. I had been playing around with curator and liked almost everything about it. Only one thing bothered me:

Note that curator does not resize the large digital camera images to a viewable size automatically. We have planned a redesign which will allow to integrate this feature elegantly and generically.

In my opinion, resizing the obnoxious images was half the point of running a gallery. So with this in mind, I set about writing a cute little script that would generate scaled copies of the images and throw together some organizing html. I pretty much succeeded in about a half hour.

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