K1000SE KXA Daughter Board

Very little of the content on this page is mine. My additions and comments are in red italics. This is a transcript of the insert that came along with a KX-A Sound Block that I received from a dear friend along with an old K1000 I’m attempting to resurrect.

Kurzweil K1000

Sound Block A (KX-A)

Thanks for your purchase of KX-A, Sound Block A for the K1000!

KX-A adds many exciting sounds to the K1000, making it an even more versatile performance and composition tool.

Below is a list of the Soundfiles included in KX-A. A Soundfile is the digitally-encoded information that distinguishes a flute from a drum from a bass, etc. Refer to the Layer Parameter section of your manual for more information about the relationship between Soundfiles, Layer Parameters, and Programs.

On the other side of this card is as list of the Programs included with KX-A. This list gives you the name and number of every KX-A Program, with a brief description of their effects and the Control Source used to achieve them. Of course, you can edit these Programs and save them to RAM just like any other K1000 Program.

KX-A Soundfiles

(in the order they appear in the Soundfile Menu)

123 Wave Bright Flute 4-Octave Congas
4567 Wave Mellow Flute Congas
89101112 Wave Dual Electric Piano Open Congas
HiFrq Formant Soft Electric Piano Conga Slaps
Flat Spectrum Hard Electric Piano 55-Gallon Drums
1/3 Wide Pulse Electric Bass 1/2 Pint Drum
Very Dull Sawtooth Slap Bass High Noise
Slightly Dull Sawtooth Dual Electric Bass Medium Noise
Slightly Dull Square Bright Electric Bass Low Noise
Sine Wave + Very Bright Electric Bass Very Low Noise
Sine Wave ++ Mellow Electric Bass Noise 1/4 Tr
Sine Wave +++ Bright Slap Bass Noise 1/2 Tr
123 Wave + Mellow Slap Bass Noise 1/1 Tr
123 Wave ++ Clean Kit 1 (drums) High Thump
Very Dull Sawtooth + Clean Kit 2 Medium Thump
Very Dull Sawtooth ++ Clean Kit 3 Low Thump
Slightly Dull Sawtooth + Clean Kit 4 Very Low Thump
Slightly Dull Square + Process Kit 1 Thump 1/4 Tr
Slightly Dull Square +++ Process Kit 88 Thump 1/2 Tr
Third Wave + Drums & Percussion 88 Thump 1/1 Tr
Third Wave +++ 5-Octave Drums  
Flute 2-Octave Drums  

KMSI P/N: 91013802