Parts-Express claims this one is the “one true successor” to the original Lepai LP-2020A+. They say that they designed this amp around the Texas Instruments TPA3118 because the Tripath TA2020 has become hard for them to source. Further, they claim the new 2020TI sounds “cleaner” and is more powerful than the original 2020A+ with the 2020TI putting out 14W@1%THD as compared to 7W@1%THD for the 2020A+ when running on the same 12V@3A (36W) power supply.

To my ear, however, this new offering is inferior to its predecessor. First off, the TI amp appears to be less efficient. You have to turn it up higher to get the same volume and maximum output on the TI is lower than from the Tripath. Second, at the risk of sounding like an audiophile knob, the TI seems to convey less presence and soul.

This amp doesn’t sound bad, but to about the same degree that the Kinter K2020A+ sounds better than the Lepai LP-2020A+, this one sounds worse. Considering this is the most expensive of the amps on my list, I don’t see any reason for anyone else to buy one as long as the Kinter K2020A+ and Lvpin LP-2020A+ are available.

1% THD @ 40Hz, JBL LX-22 Speakers

Input Voltage Input Current Input Power Volume Output Voltage
12V 1.19A 14.28W 73.0dB 8.27V
13V 1.26A 16.38W 73.4dB 8.75V
14V 1.37A 19.18W 75.7dB 9.44V

1% THD @ 1kHz, JBL LX-22 Speakers

Input Voltage Input Current Input Power Volume Output Voltage
12V 0.64A 7.68W 112dB 8.19V
13V 0.70A 9.10W 112dB 8.88V
14V 0.76A 10.64W 113dB 9.70V


ManualLP-2020TI Operating Manual
Amplifier ChipTexas Instruments TPA3118
Availability~$40 on Amazon
Face TextLepai® Stereo Digital Audio Amplifier
Board TextSM1520 2015/11/11 V1.1
Right ChannelBottom Red Jack
Left ChannelTop White Jack
Input Power LabelDC12V3A
Included Power SupplyTH201505 12V/3A