Amplifiers Reviewed

Amp TL;DR Teardown & Testing
Lepy LP-2051 Driven by the Tripath TK2051 as opposed to the more common TA2020-020, this is the most powerful of the bunch. If you’re looking for clean power and don’t mind the 19V power supply, it’ll be hard to find a better value for your ~$40. youtube
Lepai LP-2020TI This is the one Parts-Express claims is the true successor to the Lepai LP-2020A+. Powered by the TI TPA3118. The power handling is good, but magical presence the Tripath brings just isn’t there with the TI heart. youtube
Kinter K2020A+ In my opinion, this is the true successor to the Lepai LP-2020A+. It sounds slightly better than even the original. Powered by the Tripath TA2020-020. At ~$40, it’s a bit steep, but probably still worth the cost if you’re looking for a 12V Tripath. youtube
Lepy LP-2024A+ Considering the model number, I expected this one would have a Tripath TA2024, but it turns to have a TAA2008. Objective performance just barely beats the Lepai LP-2020A+, but it doesn’t really matter since neither one is on the market anymore. youtube
Lepai LP-2020A+ The mini-amp that started the craze. Great sound at a great price, but you simply can’t find them anymore. Powered by the legendary Tripath TA2020-020. youtube
Lepy LP-2020A Powered by the Yamaha YDA138, this one falls short on magic. With some component replacement it’s potentially possible for this to be an quality amp, but as-shipped, steer clear. youtube
Lvpin LP-2020A+ So far as I can tell, this is an exact copy of the Lepai LP-2020A+. It sounds identical to my ears. Powered by the legendary Tripath TA2020-020. At ~$10, you can’t really go wrong. Buy two and wear them like shoes. youtube
Pyle PFA200 Pretty similar to the Lepy LP-2020A above. Unknown amp chips with obscured labeling. Doesn’t feel like “Class-T” as the marketing wank claims.  
Lepy LP-V3S Supposedly based around the Toshiba TA8254, I’m expecting this to be pretty similar to the Lepy LP-2020A. Ordered in May 2018 – Full review coming soon. youtube

1% THD @ 40Hz, JBL LX-22 Speakers

Amplifier Input Voltage Input Current Input Power Volume Output Voltage
Lepy LP-2051 19V 2.00A 38.00W 85.8dB 13.40V
Lepy LP-2051 18V 1.84A 33.12W 84.0dB 12.65V
Lepy LP-2051 17V 1.75A 29.75W 82.0dB 11.89V
Lepai LP-2020TI 14V 1.37A 19.18W 75.7dB 9.44V
Lepy LP-2020A 14V 1.4A 19.6W 75dB 9.33V
Lepai LP-2020TI 13V 1.26A 16.38W 73.4dB 8.75V
Lepai LP-2020TI 12V 1.19A 14.28W 73.0dB 8.27V
Kinter K2020A+ 12V 1.3A 15.6W 73.0dB 8.4V
Lepy LP-2020A 13V 1.3A 16.9W 73dB 8.70V
Lepai LP-2020A+ 14V 1.30A 18.20W 72.0dB 7.95V
Lepy LP-2024A+ 14V 1.30A 18.20W 71.0dB 8.07V
Lepy LP-2020A 12V 1.2A 14.4W 71dB 7.96V
Lepai LP-2020A+ 13V 1.22A 15.86W 70.4dB 7.37V
Lepy LP-2024A+ 13V 1.22A 15.86W 70.3dB 7.51V
Lepy LP-2024A+ 12V 1.15A 13.80W 70.0dB 6.92V
Lepai LP-2020A+ 12V 1.12A 13.44W 69.8dB 6.67V

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